Ultra Jet-T

The Ultra Jet-T is a technological wonder of simplicity in design. During in-water boat shows, we like to have a small child demonstrate how easy it is to launch even the largest of PWCs from the Ultra Jet-T. Folks always marvel when a 40 pound youngster can simply push on the bow of a 1200 pound behemoth of a jet-ski and the ski simply slides off the dock.

Using all non-corrosive materials, the Ultra Jet-T utilizes nine integrated and adjustable rollers to aid in launching and has a built in bow stop to ensure safe and consistent loading. The Ultra Jet-T has three molded-in tie off points, a non-skid deck to prevent slipping when board your ski, and a low angle of entry to safely guide your PWC into position after a day on the water. Have multiple machines? We can attach Ultra Jet-Ts together using our side-by-side attachment system.

With a working load of more than 1600 pounds, the Hideaway can secure even the biggest of machines. And since it is foam filled, it will never sink. Backed by an eight year warranty, and available at a surprisingly low price, we invite you to talk to us about getting yours installed today.

Pricing — starting at $2250

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