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We focus on ease. Ease of use, ease of ease of mind. Our docking and boat lift solutions allow owners the easiest access to their boats, docking that lasts a lifetime, and protection for their investment so more valuable time is spent on the water. The Boat Float Company not only values every interaction, making each one unique, but we are committed to helping each and every one of you get out on the water so you don’t miss a moment.

About Us

We are all about celebrating life and helping protect any boat, anywhere. Our six core values enable us to produce excellent results and unmatchable service:

ZING: We celebrate life in all things that we do.

SALTY: We’re real people.

HELL-BENT: As trailblazers, we are not afraid to try something new and we will stop at nothing to create a solution that works for everyone.

TOUGH: We are kind and hardworking people, and we expect to be treated with the same respect we give to others.  We will not tolerate or work with clients or vendors who are sour, demeaning, condescending, or just plain ugly to our team.

GENEROUS: We freely give ourselves and our treasures to those who are deserving.

NO: We’re not afraid to say it. For us, if it’s not an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!!!”, then it must be a “no”. This ensures that we have a satisfied customer every time.

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What makes us different

At Boat Float, we pride ourselves on always serving our customers with honesty and integrity. What makes us stand out from other docking and lift solution companies is that we won’t just tell you what you want to hear to sell the job. We have built a family of loyal and happy customers by being genuine and hardworking. Not to mention, we are the country’s leader in environmentally friendly docking and boat lift solutions that are durable enough to withstand the harsh saltwater environment.