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LifeDock systems are custom engineered floating docks that use extruded fusion-welded, HDPE pipe for the skeletal structure and TanDeckMAX marine lumber for the decking. TanDeckMAX marine lumber is an engineered product that contains zero wood fiber allowing it stand up to harsh saltwater environments. We can build any dock around existing piles and without the need for heavy equipment.


  • The inside or core of the LifeDock decking is loaded with reinforcing non-wood fibers and other additives to complement the beauty on the outside with strength on the inside.
  • Structurally-engineered marine-grade HDPE lumber is a great alternative to traditional wood, metal, or concrete because it will hold up to even the harshest environments.
  • Sourced from post-consumer and post-industrial sources, like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles, our HDPE plastic lumber is a high-performing and environmentally-friendly material.
  • COLOR STABLE – Rich colors stay brilliant thanks to built-in UV protection.

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We have partnered with Tangent Technologies to exclusively offer TanDeckMAX marine decking on all of our LifeDock structures. TanDeckMAX marine lumber is an engineered product that contains ZERO wood fiber.