EZ Dock

the most durable and versatile lifts on the market

EZ Dock for Boats

EZ Dock for Jet Skis

EZ Dock for Kayaks

EZ Dock

EZ Dock can fit any shape or style of boat, kayak, jet ski or other water motor vessel from 70 to over 5,000 pounds. Its durable material and modular design mean that we can use the EZ Dock to create floating docks, bridges, floating boardwalks, swim platforms, small boat ports, and so much more!

The EZ Dock Boat Lift System is very useful for commercial outfitter stores, rental companies, marinas, resorts, camps, etc. This helps guarantee the safety of clients as well as employees.

EZ Dock BoatPort®

Easy and safe boarding for the family boater, the EZ Dock acts as their ideal watercraft management system, providing dry-docking, walk-around room, access at waters level, and safe boarding and disembarkation. Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy. The EZ Dock BoatPort® is a simple and stable drive-on, drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 5,000 lbs.


  • The EZ BoatPort is also available with side extensions for additional walk-around room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and covering.
  • Keeps your boat stored dry and safe from the waters damaging elements.
  • Removable and changeable bunks can accommodate hull shapes from flat-bottoms to deep-Vs.
  • Soft, cool, lightly-colored modules are splinter-free and contain no wood, metal or rusting hardware.

EZ Dock Max2i + VXP

Top-of-the-line, self-centering personal watercraft lift for easy drive-on entry. The EZ Dock Max2i’s split entry and self-adjusting rollers make loading and unloading smooth and effortless, even for beginner PWC operators.


  • EZ Dock Max lifts feature a convenient drive-on design plus a standing space, making it the easiest to board and get out on the water fast!
  • Keeps your PWC stored dry and safe from the water’s damaging elements.
  • The integrated rollers make launching even the heaviest of performance machines easy and effortless.
  • EZ Dock Max modular inline system allows for easy and efficiently storing multiple PWCs (perfect for marina operations).

EZ Dock Kayak Launches

EZ Dock is a stable and simple kayak launch system design made for effortless access to lakes and salt water. With its rollers and handrails, this product allows for easier and more secure access to and from the water on your kayak or canoe. Whether you have the whole day ahead of you or just a few minutes to spare, our launch provides security and stability to both seasoned veterans and novice kayakers, getting you into the water faster and more often than ever before.


  • Offers stable support and notched paddle ports when entering and exiting the water.
  • No moving parts. Nothing needs grease or replacement.
  • The only residential lift on the market with NO METAL in the structure. Impervious to saltwater.
  • Commercial launches are available with ADA-accessible ramps.
  • EzDock Kayak Launch can connect to virtually any existing dock, regardless of its material.