We won’t lie to you:  flat bottom boats have been our nemesis.

Until now.

EZ Dock has the best (and the only!) drive-on lift that we have found that can properly handle a flat bottom boat like a Carolina Skiff or Jones Brother’s Bateau.

Before the EZ Dock Boat Port was available, traditional drive-on lifts made it futile to try to store your flat bottom on top of a platform lift.  Oftentimes, the tall lip heights of typical drive-on lifts would shift the center-of-balance of the skiff sternward while loading, maintaining steerage of a flat bottom boat was all but impossible.  Other times, the recessed bow entry guides that are designed to capture vee-hulled boats on the platform would kick the skiff boat to one side or the other, enhancing the battle before you even get going good!

But the EZ Dock Boat Port, with its square front end, ultra-shallow angle of entry, and low profile bunks that extend into the water create a virtual nest for your flat bottom boat to snuggle into.  Your EZ Dock Boat Port is durable, easy-to-use, can be configured for any type body of water, and is proudly made in the USA.

Come learn more about why the only drive-on lift solution for your skiff or bateau is the EZ Dock Boat Float.  

Pricing begins at around $4,000.

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