Custom sizes to fit any boat
Maximum working weight: 8000-50,000 pounds
For boats ranging from 27’ – 50’ long

DryDock boat lifts were designed specifically to address the heavy-boat market for vessels weighing in over 8000 pounds. This system is made from industrial-grade extruded polyethylene with primary tubes that have more than a one and one-half inches wall thickness.

On the lift itself, there are only two pieces of stainless steel, each smaller than your fist. And these pieces of metal only get wet when the lift is in the lowered position. Simply put, with its 50 year service life, this lift is likely to outlive the boat its protecting.

DryDock are made one at a time to the specifications of your boat, and can be as little as one foot wider than the beam of your boat, making them perfect for in-slip lifts at your marina. When lowered, the boat sits in the water just as she would when tied to the dock, so there’s not a gut-wrenching leap of faith to board your boat. And with the DryDock being secure in place using spring lines, there’s essentially no pressure put on your dock at all (another tidbit that marina owners love to hear)

Have a large boat and would like to get her out of the water? Contact us to learn more about how DryDock can serve you!

Pricing – Each lift priced individually, but for budgeting purposes figure on $2.50/capacity pound…contact Boat Float for specifics.

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