• August 29, 2019
  • by Boatfloat

A lot of questions coming in about storm prep for your boat lifts. Here are some general guidelines:

1 — Focus on IMPORTANT stuff FIRST! Deal with the boat lift ONLY if you have the important stuff squared away.
2 — REMOVE your boat from the lift! The weight of the boat only adds mass to something that’s about to start hucking and bucking in the water.
3 — STORE the lift in the RAISED position! Again, the water that will fill the primary tanks or ballasts will add tremendous mass to the lift…let’s lighten it up as much as possible!
4 — Add SPRING LINES to the boat lift. Remember: tight is torture on the water! We want the boat lift to be able to move a bit so it can ride on top of the waves. If you have hard attachments (like on our Safe Haven lifts), you’ll want the spring lines as a backup.

If you suffer damage to your boat lift, we will be right here to help get you back in order, but following these guidelines will go a long way to preventing anything major from happening t your lift. 

Y’all be safe and be kind to one another.