We’re bird nerds. We straight love ‘em. In fact, every year we donate our time and boats to the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count here in Beaufort County. Here at our shop we enjoy our red shouldered hawks, screech and barred owls and the occasional rafter of turkeys coming around. We’ve got our chickens on site, have bluebird boxes that keep full, wren houses hanging around, and a pine tree that’s a favorite for woodpeckers and flickers to stage a dive bomb on our feeders. It’s only natural that we’d name all our boats after birds. Our fleet of small work boats through the years has included the Bluebird, the Blackbird, the Redbird, Big Bird, and Freebird. Before they sank in a storm, we had a non motorized barge named The Dodo (Get it? Dodo’s are flightless birds) and a pile-driving excavator we called The Woodpecker (I know. We’re so clever!)