Each product brand is governed by their respective warranties. Safe Haven, for example, warrants their lifts for eight years and their control boxes for one year. Likewise, EZ Dock systems are covered for eight years on any part that floats and one year for all other parts and hardware. Your DryDock lift is covered for five years on the structure and for one year on the control center. And a LifeDock floating dock system is covered for an unprecedented FIFTY years! As for our part, The Boat Float Company warrants our installation services for a period of thirty days. We are agents to the product brands and in the unlikely event that you have a warranty claim, we will work with you to facilitate its coverage with the manufacturer. Please note, warranty claims do not cover our labor charges. If we need to do some warranty work for you, and it is outside the scope of our own thirty day warranty, you will be invoiced for our time.