Only if you’re really, REALLY bored. We get asked this question a lot. There’s no need to clean the bottom of your boat lift. All of our products are made out of high density polyethylene, which, chances are, is the exact same material the floats under your floating dock are made with. So you’re definitely going to get growth on the lift. But as long as it’s on the bottom of the lift, then we’re good with it! You can scrape the beard off the side of your lift where it grows right at the waterline if it get unsightly. And truth is, you can scrape the growth off the bottom of your lift as well…you’re not going to hurt anything. However, know that bottom growth will no adversely affect the performance of your boat lift. Being neutrally buoyant in the water, the fouling won’t really weigh down your lift any, and we’ve built your lift with plenty of extra capacity to account for such things. Expect to see barnacles and slime and oysters to grow to a certain point on your lift, then slough off over time, and start growing again. Think of all that growth as habitat for crabs and grass shrimp and other critters that bigger fish like to eat. It’s all good!