Safe Havens Systems

Our Safe Haven Systems provide easy and effortless access to the water. They are manufactured using only state of the art materials to ensure the highest levels of quality and durability. The outer shell is molded linear low -density polyethylene. Translation… this material is extremely impact and weather resistant. Also, we use light colors for our outer shell, making our Safe Haven Systems kind to bare feet. In addition, our docking systems offer unsurpassed stability when launching, docking, or walking around on the spacious non-skid deck.

The added stability is due to the core being filled with foam flotation, so our docking systems will remain more level than other cube style lifts when in use. You will grow to appreciate the easy and effortless access to the water that the Safe Haven Systems provide. Additionally, installation is a snap, and your lift can be front or side mounted to your dock using our secure attachment system. It’s that easy – your system is complete and ready to use.

To launch your watercraft, simply slide off and drive away. When you’re ready to return to your favorite port of call, simply target the bow guide, drive on, and walk away. While docked, you can refuel, wash your watercraft, perform maintenance, or just enjoy the view.

Safe Haven

You will no longer waste time and money removing marine growth from your watercraft, because it is securely docked out of the water. In addition, you can look forward to years of trouble free operation from the Safe Haven Systems. If you purchase a larger or heavier boat, we offer extensions and additional bunk heights to meet your changing needs. The extensions will accommodate most boats. The Harbor and Retreat 2 lines feature a hybrid system to aid in launching or docking most of the heavier boats.

Given the adaptability, ease of use, and low maintenance of Safe Haven Systems, let us help you minimize your effort and expense and maximize your time spent on the water with family and friends.

  • have a patented air lift design that lifts your craft completely out of the water in less than a minute. models to fit up to
    about 26 feet.
  • are the most efficient “green” boat lifts on the mar- ket. Safe Haven harnesses solar energy so our lifts run without the need for electricity or remote controls. Unlike other lifts, ours contain absolutely no environmental hazards such as hydraulic fluid, oil, grease, or zinc.
  • Plus, our Safe Haven Lifts come with an eight year warranty!
  • prevent any chance of mechanical failures during launching and docking. No winch required and no power needed.
  • install with ease and require ZERO maintenance. Our lifts are made of the toughest materials making them non-corrosive even in the harshest marine conditions.
  • reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. That means our non-skid decks are kind to bare feet and hands.

Celebrating Life and helping protect any boat, anywhere!

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