“Celebrating Life and helping protect any boat, anywhere.”

Boat Float is the country’s leader in environmentally friendly docking and boat lift solutions. We are headquartered in Bluffton, SC, with support staff throughout the southeast.

We operate under 6 core values:
  • ZING: We Celebrate Life in all things that we do.
  • SALTY: We’re real people. As we like to say, “We love Jesus, but we do cuss a little!”
  • HELL-BENT: As trailblazers, we are not afraid to try something new and we will stop at nothing to create a solution that works for everyone.
  • TOUGH:  We are kind and hardworking people, and we expect to be treated with the same respect we give to others.  We will not tolerate or work with clients or vendors who are sour, demeaning, condescending, or just plain ugly to our team.
  • GENEROUS: We freely give of ourselves and our treasures to those who are deserving.
  • NO: We’re not afraid to say it. For us, if it’s not an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!!!”, then it must be a “no”.

Our job is to uphold our values while we provide excellent results with superior service.


All of the products that we offer must meet our strict requirements for products we sell: they must be environmentally friendly and not pose a hazard or cause damage to the marine environment. Our products must be remarkably durable to withstand the harsh reality of surviving a saltwater environment. And they must be safe, durable, and easy to operate. After all, your time on the water should be spent enjoying it. Our goal is to give you a product that allows you to maximize that time on the water and Celebrating Life!


We are committed to sincere and honest service to our clients -- even when that answer is NO. Our philosophy is simple: We know that our employees are what makes us great and our customers happy. We also know that happy customers will be our best salesforce. As we focus on the welfare of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers, we believe success will always follow.

To that end, our entire team is committed to serving our customers with honesty and integrity. We never like turning down jobs, but are willing to do so when we believe we will not be able to leave the jobsite with a satisfied customer. We have built a family of loyal and happy customers by being genuine and hard working. Simply put: Our customers control our reputation and our reputation ensures our future. We work hard to protect both.