The Boat Float Company has been in business since 2007. Our narrow brilliance is boat lift platforms. With over 1000 installations under our belt, we have had plenty of experience of what works and what doesn’t and we use that experience to help guide you to the perfect solution for your project. Each boat lift application is different, whether it be the boat type, the water depth, restrictions for your particular community, and we have solutions that can fit just about any parameter. And in those rare instances where we don’t have a solution for you, we’ll tell you that, too. We understand the importance of sometimes saying “NO” rather than having to eat crow later. We will work with you individually to understand the scope of your project and offer you a lift solution that will work to suit your specific needs.

Additionally, we offer turnkey delivery services. With our fleet of workboats and unique delivery system, we are able to bring the lift directly to your dock and install everything from the water, eliminating the need for trucks or heavy equipment to be in your yard. Our crews will launch at a nearby boat landing and motor directly to your dock site with your new lift loaded on our work boat. (Fun fact: all of our work boats are named after birds, to include Blue Bird, Black Bird, Red Bird, Big Bird, and Freebird!)