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Cleaning Your Boat: A Necessary Part of Boat Maintenance

Cleaning Your Boat: A Necessary Part of Boat Maintenance

Keeping your boat clean isn’t about just wanting to make your boat look good—it’s a key part of boat maintenance that when done right, protects and extends the life of the parts of the boat that are exposed to the environment. It will also make it...

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Surviving a Boating Emergency

Boating difficulties can quickly escalate to boating emergencies beyond your control. They can happen at any moment, anywhere, and to anyone. Even the most seasoned boater can run into engine trouble or weather issues. At the most basic level, all boaters should be...

How to prepare your boat lift for hurricanes and storms!

A lot of questions coming in about storm prep for your boat lifts. Here are some general guidelines: 1 -- Focus on IMPORTANT stuff FIRST! Deal with the boat lift ONLY if you have the important stuff squared away.2 -- REMOVE your boat from the lift! The weight of the...

Charles’ Law — Why your boat lift is sitting lower in the water

It's cold and rainy in the Lowcountry today and we've had a couple of phone calls this morning with folks asking "Why is my boat lift sitting lower in the water today?  Is it losing air?" If you own a Safe Haven or a DryDock (or any other type of lift that you...

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