When we started this business in 2007, we were distributors of modular cube docking systems. In fact, the system we sold was made by the company that invented modular cube docks way back in 1976. Unfortunately, we had to learn some very hard and very expensive lessons on why mod-cube systems are not suitable for boat lift platforms. Regardless of what anyone has ever told you, a mod cube system will seep water over time. What may look good on day one, doesn’t always look the same way a couple of years down the road. Additionally, working on these types of systems is a nightmare. While many mod-cube manufacturers tout a “lifetime warranty”, and will gladly send you a replacement cube for your repair, it does little when the cube is smack dab in the middle of your dock and you have to disassemble the entire system to replace it. These docks are notorious for bending and taking the shape of a taco when a boat is on them…unless you put a piece of metal in the water to help maintain the flat shape of the dock…and putting metal into water — especially saltwater — goes against everything we believe in.