Hmmmmm, maybe. It depends on what lift you currently have and what boat you are considering getting. If your new boat is generally similar to your existing boat, then you’re probably good to go. Obviously if you’re going from a jon boat to a cigarette boat, we gonna need to talk. But most of the times, our platform lifts can be adjusted to fit boats in the same weight class. Same goes for the DryDock. We’ve had one lift, in particular, that’s held five different boats — and we haven’t even had to make an adjustment! However, if we do have to make adjustments, we can certainly do that. The rule of thumb is same weight class = no big deal. If you’re making a big jump in size, then we need to look at options. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to call your Boat Float representative and talk about your new boat some to see if adjustments should be made before bringing her home.