For our platform lifts, like Safe Havens and EZ Docks, we’ll load your subassembled lift on top of one of our work boats at our shop. Then we’ll drive to nearby boat landing and launch our work boat with your lift loaded on it in the water. We’ll motor over water to your dock, unload the boat and finish the assembly at your dock site. For larger lifts, like our DryDock system, we’ll actually deliver the lift itself to the boat landing and meet it there with our forklift to unload it and assemble it in the parking lot. We’ll then launch one of our work boats in the water to use as a tow vessel, and we’ll use the forklift to get the big lift in the water. We’ll tow around to your dock and finish the installation there. No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll get it done. And throughout the process, you’ll enjoy having a dedicated team leader working as your project manager to make sure all the logistics are figured out before hand so everything is smooth and coordinated on delivery day and not a 3-ring circus.